about section Teacher's Pet by Phyllis Galloway

About The Wreaths

Wreaths are not just for Christmas! Celebrate special events with a baby wreath, birthday wreath, Valentine wreath, Easter wreath, patriotic wreath, Halloween wreath, autumn wreath, Hanukkah wreath, or any other occasion or theme you can think of.

Each wreath is one-of-a-kind; no two are alike. Depending on size and complexity, a wreath will take between 8-30 hours to construct. All have several vintage ornaments incorporated into the final design. “Total vintage” wreaths may have as many as 30-50 vintage ornaments of varying sizes. All wreaths are completely finished front and back and are ready to hang. Since most wreaths contain glass ornaments, they are not suitable for use on doors or outside, but should be displayed on stable surfaces such as an inside wall or table away from direct sunlight. (The exceptions are the wreaths constructed with plastic ornaments; these are designated as such.)

About The Artist

Phyllis Galloway currently lives in Albuquerque, NM and has been creating art since she was very young. A big influence in her life has been her mother Ginger, who taught her excellence in craftsmanship and many aspects of handcrafting, including such areas as clothing design and quilting. Some of Phyllis’ fondest memories are of working on projects with her wonderful mother, fondly known as “Granny”.

Phyllis has a Master of Arts degree in art education and taught middle and high school for 15 years. Her work has been displayed at such juried shows as the Las Vegas, NV Arts Council, New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair, and Weems International Artfest. She has won numerous awards and honors throughout her career as a teacher and artist.